BS Infrastructure Solutions Limited standard terms and conditions apply to any offer except where modified by a quotation. Once an order has been received, any alterations, additions or amendments will be subject to the variation process; all changes will require an authorised signature.

1.   No work will proceed until an official order number has been received.

2.   On receipt of an official order we will require a period of 5 working days’ notice prior to works commencing on site unless terms have been initially agreed in writing.

3.   Payment in full is required within 30 days of invoice unless otherwise agreed, in writing. TERMS OF PAYMENT – The purchaser shall pay the contract price to BS Infastructure Limited according to the terms of payment set out in the quotation.

4.   It is the client’s responsibility to ensure full access to site and this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Escorts available where required on site
  • Full access to appropriate work areas whenever required
  • A safe working environment
  • Completed containment work when installed by third parties
  • Supply of mains electricity and lighting where required
  • Timely supply of any relevant information

Any delays to the works caused by third parties will be charged on a time and materials rate.

1.   BS Infrastructure Solutions Limited work is guaranteed to be free from defect for one year for the completion of the installation unless the work is covered by the manufacturer’s 25 year Warranty Scheme, under which circumstances the conditions of that Warranty scheme will apply. Failure to pay, without good reason, will abrogate the BS Infrastructure Limited responsibility under this or any other warranty scheme.

2.   BS Infrastructure Limited accepts no responsibility for consequential or liquidated damages arising from the performance, late or non-delivery of any BS Infrastructure Limited product or service. The full extent of the warranty is the cost of the goods or service at fault.

3.   All works will be carried out in accordance with Industry Standards and/or Manufacturer’s requirements.

4.   Supply or installation of active equipment (servers, switches, hubs, media converters, optical fibre transceivers etc.) is excluded from this quotation.

5.   Any power cabling works undertaken/arranged by BS Infrastructure Limited on behalf of the client will not be covered under the standard structured cabling warranty, and any liability remains with the client.

6.   No provision is made in our quotations for lost labour time due to third party arrangements. In the event that BS Infrastructure Limited are not advised of any changes or project time-lapses in writing giving 48 hour notice a visit charge will apply.

7.   The validity of this quotation offer is for 30 days unless otherwise stated.

8.   Prices quoted, unless otherwise stated, are inclusive of all delivery and travel within the British mainland.

9.   Contract terminates when client signs off completed work.

We offer our clients public and product liability through our insurance company to a maximum of £5,000,000, professional indemnity insurance to a maximum of £500,000 and employer’s liability insurance.

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