BSI Solutions structured cablingIs it for you?

It’s highly likely that you need, or already have a number of PCs, telephones and other devices within your building – all supported by different wiring infrastructures. Wouldn’t it make sense to invest in a single cabling infrastructure that can support it all?

A cabling infrastructure that’s also flexible, so you can make simple moves and changes, without the need for time consuming engineering visits. You also want a solution that can grow with your future business needs, with the ability to support emerging bandwidth hungry applications.

If you need all of the above then BSI Structured Cabling is the right solution for you.idually or collectively, on a temporary or permanent basis. BT Structured Cabling delivers total network stability and continuous support from a name you can trust.

Features and benefits

BSI Solutions Limited Structured Cabling solution is:


Replaces multiple wiring systems with a single, unified infrastructure, with the ability to carry data in any format, from voice right through to video. Whether you want to connect a PC, telephone or fax, you simply plug in the appropriate adapter to the socket!


It has the ability to carry high bandwidth which means you are investing in a solution that will be able to support emerging applications, such as IP Telephony. You’re safe in the knowledge that your cabling infrastructure won’t become outdated in a couple of years

An investment

It makes sense to invest in a single cabling infrastructure. Not only is it more cost effective than investing in two discrete cabling networks, it is generally much easier to manage


You can make moves and changes in a matter of minutes. Whether it is an individual changing desks or an entire department restructuring and moving floors, they simply plug-in and get back to work straightaway. This in-built flexibility means your organisation can save time and money

How it works


Cabling Categories

Structured Cabling Solutions are defined by ‘category’. The category of any cabling solution will determine the rate at which data can be transferred across it. With BSI, you can be sure that the most appropriate cabling category for you will have been rigorously tested to industry standards.

Cat 5e cabling

– For LAN support up to and including 1000Mbit/s, look for systems guaranteeing Gigabit Ethernet support – the minimum level to which all BSI structured cabling schemes are installed

Cat 6 cabling

– Provides higher performance cabling systems, specified to 250MHz. Currently supports systems up to 1 Gigabit, with potential to support higher speeds in the future

Cat 7 cabling

– Specified to 600MHz, Cat 7 is a ‘fully shielded’ cabling system, which offers more than twice the bandwidth of Cat 6 but is also both bulkier and more expensive than Cat 5/6 cabling systems.

Additional Options

Fibre Optics

– Suitable for high speed fibre transmission systems, including Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone technology, utilising second generation fibres such as OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS1.

Bespoke solution cabling

– If you have a specific structured cabling requirement BSI can, for larger installations, offer a bespoke installation service. We can install any cabling scheme to your supplied specifications, including Cat 7 schemes subject to survey.

Branded Scheme

– BSI is able to offer you a range of branded structured cabling schemes including the SYSTIMAX & PANDUIT structured cabling scheme, which is often the specified choice of international customers.

How it fits together

A Structured Cabling system provides a universal platform for transferring data, voice and multi-media applications around the premises. Sockets are presented around the customer’s building in the same way as electrical mains sockets. The cables from these sockets then run back to a central communications cabinet and are terminated on patch panels where the telephone lines and data connections are also presented.

Making connections through the Structured Cabling scheme is quite simple. To connect a telephone or PC to one of these sockets requires the use of a patch lead in the case of a PC, or a telephone adapter in the case of a telephone.

A Structured Cabling Solution is designed in accordance with International Standards, thus ensuring predictabl performance across a broad range of connected equipment. The majority of current installations are carried out to Category 5e/6 standards. However, BSI can provide cabling schemes to any customer specification including fibre optic solutions.

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