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BSI CCTV Systems Can Reduce Your Costs Massively:

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are generally used for surveillance and security purposes. They work by transmitting signals to specific devices. These devices do not broadcast wide range. They cover a very limited range and transmit to a specific display.

Features may include motion detection, night vision, colour or just black and white video feed. There are also additional features available to prevent vandalism of the device. These added tools include a cage or clear cover, bulletproof casing, and a few others. Many main features or extras may depend upon compatibility with the type or brand of camera chosen.

There are a variety of elements to choose from when selecting what best suits the need for this equipment. The first choice would be image quality, as it is built into the selected device. Whether or not audio is needed, colour, concealment or protection from vandals is also a consideration.

The newer equipment now has more advanced computer-controlled technology. This involves the use of digital, IP and networking devices.

IP Cameras

IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol, the most common protocol for communication over computer networks and the internet. IP Cameras are also known as network cameras. Dome that creates digitized video streams and transfers via a wired or wireless IP network, enabling monitoring and video recording as far away as the network reaches. In other words, using an IP camera and IP Dome can save a lot of money on installation since most facilities are already wired with LAN cables. Wiring coaxial cables is the major expense when implementing analog cameras. Also, it allows users to have a camera and Dome at one location while view live video at another location over the network / internet.

Advantages of IP Surveillance

Remote monitoring/storage since video data can be transmitted to remote networked devices over Ethernet networks, users can view camera images in any place where IP network connection is available. Cost efficiency Video surveillance systems can leverage existing IP network infrastructure, significantly reducing overall installation costs. High scalability Adding new network cameras or other networked devices in an IP surveillance system are easy by simply connecting them to a router. Superior image quality Network cameras provide high image quality; many of them even offer megapixel resolutions. In addition, IP surveillance has no signal degradation problems during transmission, and thus can ensure steady image quality.

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